Expanding Genetic Boundaries

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What distinguishes Genesource's concept from other genetic providers?

PASSION We possess a passion that encompasses the cattle industry. Whether is it cattle focused on Expected Progeny Differences, cattle with extra look and cattle destined for the feedyards and includes all breeds. This passion originates from our families, and has been passed down through generations of breeding registered and commercial livestock. The drive for superior cattle has formed our lives and provided a living for or families.

KNOWLEDGEWe support our passion with extensive knowledge learned from 45 years experience in this industry. We didn't just breed an occasional champion. We have bred, produced and shown national champions in 6 major breeds, including bulls, females and steers. We've also produced bull test winners and superior herd sires. The ranches we have managed, offered and sold some of the highest valued cattle through the auction ring each year.

RELATIONSHIPSWe talk with ranch owners and managers about bulls that are being considered, or females which embryos will be offered. We collect extensive information concerning the history of that animal. Particular attention is placed on the individual's dam and granddam, as we understand the significant role she plays in consistent progeny. Our dialog extends to leaders of the 4 major studs marketing beef semen and the progeny from their bulls. We canvass opinions from most all our ranch contacts and friends concerning their current calf crop, and really enjoy inspecting the calves personally. Finally, the relationships which are especially important to us are those who have a desire to produce superior calves through AI and ET. The first step in our relationship will be to find out about your cowherd and your goals. We will provide as much or as little information as you want.

RESEARCHWe have compiled an extensive notebook on over 1000 sires promoted in the last 6 years. We have personally seen each bull and identified their desirable traits, their flaws and the potential for sales on each bull. Our policy is not all bulls presented to us will be selected. Personal research has shown approximately 40% of the bulls generates 95% of the sales each year. Less than half of the 40% live up to the hype and are seldom seen again. In our opinion, excessive options can distort the selection process and photos alone can be misleading. When you place your confidence in our company to order with us, we will take the steps necessary to assure you have the information to make sire selections with the least amount of stress.

What distinguishes Genesource's concept? It's the eagerness to share our passion, our knowledge, our research and our time.

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